R&P: Task 7 - Prop List & Shot List

I am going to be using the following props in my final production
- A car, the character will be getting out of the car, i will take two different angles of this.

- appropriate clothing that a jogger wears, he will be shown running around a park.

- a fake gun, to show him shooting himself.

- a bench to just calm down, different shots are taken to show tension.

- the back of a building

Shot List
- the camera looking down at the beginning on the car, whilst he gets out. A high angle shot showing everything else is more superior than him. here is an example of an high angle shot.

-  Two different angles showing the same shot at the beginning, one shot flowing in to another. A medium close up showing the face over the car with the angle. here is an example of a medium close up.

- a establishing shot of the park to show where he is, the location of the park, everything in the park, including one of the props which is the bench.

- A horizontal pan following the runner, as he goes from one side of the screen to another. The camera will be at the height of roughly 5 foot 8 inches

- On the bench various shots are taken, a close up, medium close up, and extreme close up, to show tension, stress on the actors face. Different angles are shown of him on this bench, not crossing the 180 degree rule.

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