R&P Task 3-Audience research

Here is the survey i produced that was also shown on the audience research post Survey Here are the results i got from the survey Survey Results Here are the graph results Survey Results Graph Format From these results i found out that my audience does not like action type films which are fast paced. Example of this could be like a james bond film. Guns, crime and action constantly. They would like happily ever after endings, bringing the idea of false consciousness to everyone. I believe my main task idea will be suitable to my audience. Moreover, this audience research helped me find some sound that could use in my title sequence as my audience is more in to instrumental music and specifically guitar. i am going to find a certain type of music that would suit my main task as well as my audience. the music i found can be listened to via this link... R&P: Task 5 - Script & Foley/Sound Research

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